ADP No.745 (2016-2017) APD # 848 (2017-2018)

S.NoName of ProjectLocationSponsoring AgencyExecuting AgencyApproved CostCompletion TimeExpenditure Physical ProgressQuality StatusRemarks
1Establishment of Public Hill Park at Union Council Barawal Bandai B. BandaiProvincial GovtTMA DIR 512-Months 0Site not clear
2Construction of Roads at Shingara Dara: -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 512-Months 30900001Completed
3Construction of Road at Dando Khwarr U/C Barawal Bandai -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 312-Months 7528900.7In progress
4Construction of Jeepable Suspension Bridge at Shingarra KassB. BandaiProvincial GovtTMA DIR 512-Months 30500001In progress Completed
5Construction of Road at Achar BalaSawnaiProvincial GovtTMA DIR 1012-Months 22000000.7In progress
6Construction of Road at Cheragali U/C Sawnai -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 512-Months 00.5In progress
7Construction of Link Roads at Dherai Hattan Dara GanorriProvincial GovtTMA DIR 512-Months 25254001Completed
8Construction of Road at Hattan Dara Bagh Kalay Zulamkot Link to Zakjhan Talaw Danda-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 29.5512-Months 69973030.9In progress
9Construction of PCC Bridge at Hattan Dara Road Bagh Kalay (Remaining Work)-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 0.4512-Months 3250001Completed
10Construction of Road at Srafo Thany-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 512-Months 21180240.9In progress
11Construction of Major General Sana Ullah Shaheed Road at Sonai Dara BridgeShahikotProvincial GovtTMA DIR 1012-Months 61350531Completed
12Asphalt Road KM# 1 Culvert to Old Culvert at Kotibasto Dir UrbanProvincial GovtTMA DIR 11.24412-Months 24639310.7In progress
13Asphalt Road KM # 2 Culvert to Kotibasto Transformer at Kotibasto-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 11.69612-Months 24378480.7In progress
14Asphalt Road KM # 3 Kotibasto Transformer to Telenor Tower -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 12.44712-Months 17866910.7In progress
15Construction of PCC Road Engaro Cham to Damazay Transformer at Mirashptai -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 7.11912-Months 21866100.8In progress
16Construction of Road PCC Remaining Work Dua Janga to Rokhan Bala Mosque-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 7.11912-Months 22108410.7In progress
17Improvement of Children Hillpark at Dir Town-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 512-Months 14276320.8In progress
18Improvement / Ext/ Wid of Road from Dodba Sar to Picnic Point-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 3.25912-Months 7120001Completed
19Asphalt Road (KM# 1) Parraw Bridge to Arsahd House-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 7.51212-Months 26915130.7In progress
20Asphalt Road (KM# 2) Arshad House to Anwar Zeb House-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 11.24412-Months 24770210.7In progress
21Asphalt Road (K# 3) Anwar Zeb House to Siah Nagha PCC Road-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 11.24412-Months 21566330.8In progress
22Construction of Jarjorray Valley Road U/C QulandaiQulandaiProvincial GovtTMA DIR 512-Months 13766450.8In progress
23Construction of Shingle Road to Zakhina Lake Bridge Sangar Dobando Dara-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 2012-Months 62102040.95In progress
Total Rs:195.88455331239

Implementation Status

District Programme Name & ADP Scheme No. Fund Released Rs. In Million Schemes Approved Cost of Schemes Rs. In Million NYS Ongoing Completed Expenditure Rs. In Million %age
Dir upper ADP No.745 (2016-2017) APD # 848 (2017-2018) 195.88   23   195.88   1 15   6   55.331      
Total :—— 195.88   23 195.88 1 15 6 55.331