ADP # 848/160599 (2017-18)

S.NoName of ProjectLocationSponsoring AgencyExecuting AgencyApproved CostCompletion TimeExpenditure Physical ProgressQuality StatusRemarks
1Construction of Road at Marano B. Bandai Provincial GovtTMA DIR 512-Months 00.7In Progress
2Construction of Link Road at Dela Kal Imdad Korona -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 212-Months 00.9-do-
3Construction of Link Roads at Dela Kal Madrassa -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 112-Months 00.4-do-
4Construction of PCC Road at Chindakot -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 1012-Months 00.55-do-
5Construction of Road at Khakhdar Mian Banda Bibyawarr Provincial GovtTMA DIR 312-Months 8908221Completed
6Construction of PCC Road at Bal Mazai Kass Unkar U/C Bibyawarr -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 1.512-Months 00.2In Progress
7Construction of Link Roads at Kair Dara -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 1.512-Months 01Completed
8Construction of Road at Bidar U/C Bibyawarr -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 1.512-Months 3470000.8In Progress
9Construction of Link Roads at Mian Banda Kair Dara -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 112-Months 3682001Completed
10Construction of Road at Abdullah Korona Tango Shahikot Provincial GovtTMA DIR 112-Months 00.2In Progress
11Construction of Link Roads at Sunai Dara -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 3.512-Months 01Completed
12Construction of PCC/ Culvert at Sonai Village Road Sonai Dara -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 1.512-Months 00.5In Progress
13Construction of Link Roads at Tango -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 312-Months 00.7-do-
14Construction of Link Roads at Darmanduno Khwarr Lal Hussain Korona -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 112-Months 5704001Completed
15Construction of Roada t Gul Zada Marawaro U/C Shahikot -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 112-Months 4416001Completed
16Construction of Link Roads at Bikaray Kassai Muhalla Dir Urban Provincial GovtTMA DIR 1.512-Months 00.9In Progress
17R/Wall/ PCC at Kass Dir C/O Asad Ullah-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 0.512-Months 3767401Completed
18PCC Road at Zeyarrano Haji Behram Khan Korona Jan Bhatti Provincial GovtTMA DIR 0.65212-Months 01Completed
19Construction of PCC Road at Sogyarr Jan Bhatti -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 112-Months 00.2In Progress
20Construction/ Rehabilitation of Link Roads at Nawo, Banda Khwarr & Kasono U/C Chukyatan Chukyatan Provincial GovtTMA DIR 512-Months 22364790.8
21Construction of Road at Sher Afzal Hayagai Danga Provincial GovtTMA DIR 12-Months In Progress
22Construction of Road at Yaqoob Hayagai Danga -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 0.512-Months 00.5-do-
23Construction/ Rehabilitation/ PCC of Link Roads at Sadiq Banda -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 0.512-Months 01Completed
24Construction/ Rehabilitation/ PCC of Link Roads at Pitaw Banda Qulandai Provincial GovtTMA DIR 1012-Months 00.6In Progress
25Construction/ Rehabilitation/ PCC of Link Roads at Sharmai U/C Sawnai Sawnai Provincial GovtTMA DIR 212-Months 6777320.7-do-
26Construction of Link Road at Sher Zaman Korona Sorbat -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 312-Months 00.2-do-
27Construction of PCC Road at Maulana Fazal Manan Hattan GanorriProvincial GovtTMA DIR 112-Months 01Completed
28Construction of PCC Road at Zaheer Hassan Korona Sorbat-do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 112-Months 00.2In Progress
29Construction of Link Road at Khurshid Korona Sorbat -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 112-Months 01Completed
30Construction of PCC Road Haji Siasat Hattan -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 0.512-Months 01Completed
31Widening of Road at Hattan Salamkot to Karingo Khwarr -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 112-Months 01Completed
32Constructon of at Neher Road Sorbat -do-Provincial GovtTMA DIR 312-Months 00.7In Progress
33Construction of Link Roads at Sro Kalay-do-112-Months 01Completed
34Construction of Link Road at Abdul Akbar Korona Geru DarorraProvincial GovtTMA DIR 212-Months 00.2In Progress
Total Rs:72.65204447751

Implementation Status

District Programme Name & ADP Scheme No. Fund Released Rs. In Million Schemes Approved Cost of Schemes Rs. In Million NYS Ongoing Completed Expenditure Rs. In Million %age
Dir upper ADP # 848/160599 (Uplift & Development Of Hill Stations in Malakand Division ADP No. 848/160599 (2017-18) TMA Dir Upper     73.652     34       73.652       0 19     15     59.008          
Total :——   73.652     34     73.652   0 19 15 59.008